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This new website has been created to provide our customer with a brand new feel. We wanted to give our customers an updated look into all the services and products our business has to offer. So feel free to explore the website and come on in.

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We are world renowned for our Color Casing and Custom Restoration. We, Classic Guns Inc., have extensive knowledge of the types of firearms we restore.  We research exactly how that firearm was finished by the factory; i.e., the type of bluing that was done on its various parts, which parts may have been color case hardened, and when possible the process and material originally used. However, there could be limitations based on the condition of the firearm presented to us.  





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  • " Robert Huston to Gary, me show details 4:16 PM (19 hours ago) Gary: I wanted you to see photographs of the three USFA hammers I had color case hardened by Class..."
    Robert Huston
  • "I have three firearms that have been color case-hardened by CGI. The finish is the best I have seen with beautiful colors. The turnaround was the fastest I have experienced. ..."
    Larry Davis

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